Chesapeake Math and IT South MS/HS

1st Place Winner at Science Olympiad

CMIT-South Middle School participated in the Science Olympiad held on Feb 29 at Robert Montgomery High School in Rockville, MD. Our team consisted of 13 students who competed in seven events. We won 1st place in the Ping Pong Parachute event (Kaitlyn L and Walter P). Congratulations to our students who worked tirelessly to prepare for the competition. They were constantly supported by our teachers, parents, administration, and CLF.
Science Olympiad Team Members: Adedamola A, Julian B, Cornel C, Korinne H, Lawson H, Michaela K, Kaitlyn L, Gina M, Sebastian R, Amir S, Ethan S, Bryce T, and Walter P.
Coaches: Ms. Hamilton, Ms. Melchoir, and Ms. Rodriguez (Ms. Wendy). CLF: Mr. Soycan (Mr. Oscar). Mr. Olubo – thank you for letting us use your tools! Mr. Davidson – thank you for the historical perspective. To all the other teachers and staff members – thank you for your help and support.
Ms. Melchoir