Lunch Menu

CMIT South breakfast and lunch program is offered by PGCPS Food Services. Visit the following website to view the menu and price information. Parents are able to add funds to the students’ account by using the online payment system:

Prince George’s County Public Schools participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. To comply with Federal Guidelines, all food must be prepared properly and menus must meet strict nutrition standards. Menus are planned by a team of child nutrition professionals, including two registered dietitians, to ensure that meals provide age-appropriate amounts of calories and nutrients.

Breakfast includes, milk, fruit or vegetable, bread/grains and/or a protein (meat/meat alternate). Lunch includes, milk, a variety of fruits and vegetables, bread/grains and protein. Students must take a serving of a fruit or vegetable at lunch to benefit from a complete meal and avoid paying a la carte prices.