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Issue 56

Friday, October 30, 2015



Scholars of the Week

Parking Lot Information


Prospective Parent Information Sessions


Important Picture Day Information

Student Service Learning Opportunities


Winter Uniforms in Effect 11/1/2015!

ID Cards Have Been Distributed!

Character Education




Still looking for a club to join?

CMIT South STEM Fair Requirements

Attention Parents

Scholars of the Week
CMIT South Tigers continue to excel in academics and behavior. Besides "Scholars of the Month", CMIT South now recognizes students weekly for their positive behavior.

The students who finish the week with the highest positive points are recognized by Dr. Reed. For the week of October 19, Micah (NCAT), Thierry (UPenn), and Eyare (Dartmouth) were recognized and issued a 'casual day pass' for their great attitude.

Mr. AG

Parking Lot Information
CMIT South has a loading area by the dumpsters. This zone is next to Enrichment parking sign on the North side of the building. Please note that this is a towing zone.

Mr Distin Operations Manager

Prospective Parent Information Sessions
CMIT South will be holding two information sessions for parents of students who are interested in applying to the lottery for CMIT South. This sessions will hold as follows:

Friday November 20, 2015 @ 6:30pm

Saturday December 12, 2015 @ 9:00am

We encourage all propective families to join us for this event. We will be discussing our instructional program and offerings.

Hope to see you there.

Lara Asafa, AP

CMIT Parents and Guardians,

Boy’s and Girl’s basketball tryouts began October 27th.

There will be an additional day for students to participate in tryouts on Saturday, October 31st at Walker Mill Middle School. Boy’s tryouts will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Girl’s tryouts will be from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Walker Mill Middle School. The students who had submitted their forms before the deadline are eligible to attend.

Thank you in advance for your patience in this process as we wait for our gym to become available to our students. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Kevin Young at

Mr. Kevin Young
Athletic Director
Important Picture Day Information
Chesapeake Math & IT South

Picture Day: Thursday, November 12

Picture Day ID: MJ015184Q0

Picture Day is Thursday, November 12.

Make Picture Day easier and go online:

Fill out your flyer

Pay by credit card or PayPal on our secure sit:

Write confirmation code on flyer

Send completed flyer with your child on Picture Day.

Go to

Life Touch

Student Service Learning Opportunities
6th Annual Community Thanksgiving Banquet 2015 Coat and Toy Drive

Wednesday, November 25 from 4:00-8:00 pm

Location: 1401 Glacier Avenue, Capitol Heights MD

Bradbury Heights Elementary School

Contact Dena Yansaneh or Ranishya Brown for more information and to volunteer

Ms. Warehime, School Counselor

Winter Uniforms in Effect 11/1/2015!
Scholars and Parents,

As the weather gets colder, it is time to bring out the warm weather gear. Effective 11/1/2015, shorts are no longer permitted. Scholars must wear long pants with their daily uniform and all black sweat or athletic pants (with no stripes or markings) are required for physical education.

Also, please remember to mark all articles of clothing (and lunch bags) with the scholar's first and last name, especially hats, scarves, gloves and non-embroidered items such as jackets and sweatshirts.

Ms. Miles, Student Support Specialist

ID Cards Have Been Distributed!
All students should have been issued a CMIT South ID card at this time. If a student has not received their ID, please see me immediately. Effective 11/1/2015, all students must wear their ID card visibly on a lanyard around their neck. The SSS office has ID holders available but students must provide their own lanyards. Failure to display a student ID is a violation of the CMIT South uniform policy and is subject to disciplinary action, such as a loss of SIS points.

Mr. Curtis, Student Support Specialist

Character Education
Dear Parents, The following letter has been emailed to the parents. The goal is to keep our community updated about what students are learning in Character Ed class and also to provide tips to the parents. "Bullying is when one or more people repeatedly harm, harass, intimidate, or exclude others. Bullying is unfair and one-sided."

Middle school is a time when bullying among peers peaks. This week we started a new topic of the Stepping Up program: bullying. Your student is learning to recognize bullying, whether it is happening to the student or to someone else. We are focusing on what students can do about bullying so they can be safe and happy at school.

Here at school, we are creating a safe learning environment. We would like to work with you to make this happen. There are several warning signs that could indicate that your child is experiencing bullying at school. Here are possible warning signs your child maybe a victim of bullying:

• Damaged or missing clothing, books, or other belongings

• Unexpected bruises, cuts, or scratches

• Few or no friends to spend time with

• Fear of going to school

• An unexpected drop in grades and/or interest

• Unusual moodiness, depression, anxiety, or crying

• Frequent headaches or stomachaches

• Loss of appetite

• Trouble sleeping

If you suspect your student is being bullied, contact Dr. Reed - the Student Support Specialist, at our school for help. If you suspect your student is participating in bullying, please visit to find online resources that can help guide you in talking to your student about bullying.

Ask your student to talk to you about Stepping Up tips for dealing with bullying and the Bystander Power suggestions. Talk about what might work best for your student. Tell your student about your experiences with bullying, either what you remember from your youth or what you have experienced in the workplace. Ask your student about what kinds of bullying he or she sees happening at school.

Together we can help our youth stay safe and develop confidence and empathy during the middle school years.


Character Ed. Team Room 163

CMIT-South's main office hours are 7:30 am - 3:00 pm. Your partnership is appreciated.

Ms. Ellis, Principal's Secretary

Parent/Guardian Partners,

To ensure the safety of our students and staff, all visitors must enter through the front door during operating office hours.

Upon entry into the building, visitors must stop at the front desk and present a government issued, photo ID.

This is also a requirement for those who are designated to pick up a child for early dismissal, etc.

If the proper identification is not produced, entry into the building or dismissal of a student may be denied.

Ms. Ellis, Principal's Secretary

Still looking for a club to join?
If you are still looking for a club to join, check out the following clubs by emailing the sponsor.

HOLA Club on Thursdays: Ms. Dickerson:

Math Tutoring Club on Mondays: Mr. Valle:

Student Government Association on Tuesday Mornings: Ms. Morani:

Robotics: Mr. Bayram:

Science Olympiad: Mr. Davidson,

CMIT Administrative Team

CMIT South STEM Fair Requirements

STEM fair is a mandatory process for ALL CMIT South Students!

At this point all Students should have submitted and had their STEM fair proposal Approved or Rejected by their science teachers. It is crucial that if your teacher has asked your student to resubmit, that the resubmission is provided on or before the due date provided by your teacher. Failure to reach approval status in a timely manner will put your student behind in the STEM fair process, creating stress later in the year. You can not start your project until it has been approved!

Upcoming STEM Fair Dates and Expectations-

Rough Draft research paper - Due 10/30/15 on Edmodo - Students will be expected to show progress (but not necessarily completion) on each required section of the STEM fair Research Paper - Rubric provided in STEM Fair Packet- linked below.

Completed Final Research Paper - Due 12/21/2015 to Reading and Science teachers on Edmodo- Rubric provided in STEM Fair Packet- linked below. Science teachers will grade for scientific correctness, Reading teachers will grade grammar and spelling.

STEM Project Board - Due 01/08/2016 - Rubric provided in STEM Fair Packet- linked below.

CMIT South STEM Fair @ CMIT South. - 01/15/2016- Students will present their project to staff and judges. Exceptional projects will gain the opportunity to compete at the CLF and PGCPS STEM Fairs.

For further information please contact your science teacher, and reference the CLF STEM Fair Packet provided on the CMIT South Website at the following link

Ms. Morani- CMIT South Science Department

Attention Parents
The Deadline has passed. Please make sure your annual technology fee of $10.00 has been paid. If you have not paid this yearly fee please pay Ms Jolon in the main office before school, during lunch, or after school (before 3pm). This applies to 6th grade students only.

Computer Technology Grade 6


What is the Uniform Policy?
The uniform policy can be found on our website by clicking here.

How do we order uniform items?
Uniform items can be ordered by completing the OWI order form.

What uniform items should we order?
At least
- 2 CMIT South Polo shirts (1 blue, 1 green)
- 1 CMIT South fleece or windbreaker
- 1 CMIT South White oxford shirt
- 1 blue tie (neck tie for boys, crisscross tie for girls)
- 1 CMIT South PE t-shirt

Items to be purchased at a department store:

- Navy blue or khaki
- Solid black (no markings or insignias)
- Solid black
Athletic pants:
- Solid blue or black (no markings or insignias)

What is CMIT's Daily Schedule?
7:35- 7:45am:
- Student arrival (drop off is at the side entrance)
- Doors close at 7:45am (after 7:45am parents need to sign late students in at the Front Office)

7:35 - 7:57am:
- Homeroom (Breakfast is available during this time until 7:50am)

8:00am - 2:49pm for 6th grade and 2:54 for 7th grade:
- Academic instruction

2:49/2:54 - 3:05 pm:
Student pick-up outside (Students who are not picked up by 3:05pm will be waiting outside for their ride. There is no adult supervision for these students during this time).

Clubs and enrichment activities will begin immediately following dismissal. All club/enrichment participants must report directly to the cafeteria. Students who continuously fail to report directly to their designated locations will lose the privilege to participate in any after school activities.

How do I pay for my child's lunch?
Breakfast and lunch are served every day. You can add money to your child's account by visiting this link. You can also pay by cash or money order in the cafeteria.

Can my child bring their own lunch to school?
Students can bring a lunch from home. Lunches can be stored in the student's locker. Microwaves are available in the cafeteria to warm food. Refrigerators are not available for students.

What do they serve for school lunch?
A monthly menu is provided by Food and Nutrition Services. Click here for lunch and breakfast menu.

What is the academic calendar?
CMIT follows the Prince George's County Public School calendar found here. To receive notifications of PGCPS school cancellations by providing information here.

Where can I find information about CMIT events and updates?
Every Friday CMIT South publishes its weekly newsletter. It is HIGHLY recommended that you subscribe to the newsletter. It is a vital means of communication between CMIT South and stakeholders. Please click here to subscribe to CMIT South Newsletter. Please visit for more information.

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