PGCC Dual Enrollment Application Process for Summer/Fall 2018

If students need help filling out the paperwork, I will have a session after school from 3-4: 00 pm on Monday, April 9th.


Step 1: Online Application

·      If you are taking a PGCC course for the first time, complete the PGCC Online Admissions Application

·      Indicate Dual Enrollment SPEC.DUAL.ND for Application Type

·      You should have received an email with the Promo Code to waive your Application Fee.

·      You will receive a confirmation email after you complete the application.


Step 2: Transcript Request Form

·      All students are required to fill out a Transcript Request Form so that I can provide PGCC with your Official Transcript, which is required.


Step 3: SAT/ACT Scores

·      If you are using your SAT/ACT scores as your eligibility. (instead of the Accuplacer), you must print out and turn in an Official Score Report from your CollegeBoard or ACT account.


Step 4: Dual Enrollment Course Application Front Page

·      Fill out the top section with your name, your PGCPS student ID number, and your PGCPS email address (NOT your CMIT email address)

·      If you have taken PGCC courses previously, please also write your PGCC ID number

·      Check off ALL OF THE BOXES on the Application

·      Parent MUST INITIAL in the two places where it asks them to do so

·      Student must sign and date at the bottom

·      Parent/Guardian must sign and date at the bottom


Step 5: Dual Enrollment Course Application Back Page

·      Fill out the top section with your name

·      If you have taken PGCC courses previously, please also write your PGCC ID number.

·      Choose up to four courses from that list that indicates YOUR eligibility


To find the course sections and synonym numbers, follow the directions below.

Searching for Classes:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Owl Link” at the top of the screen
  • Select the blue “Credit Students” button from the menu on the right
  • Scroll down and click “Additional Search Options”
  • Enter the information to search for your desired courses
    • Approved Class Example: EGL1010
    • Section Number Example: XE01
    • Synonym Number Example:  14356
    • If the course is on the list of courses I have provided, write “Y” in the column on the right
    • Note: I recommend writing both a preferred section/synonym and alternate section/synonym just in case your preferred section is full at registration.

Please fill out all necessary forms:  PGCC Dual Enrollment Documents

All Materials are due to Ms.Amos by Wednesday, April 11th

Late applications will not be accepted

No Exceptions will be made


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