Chesapeake Math and IT South MS/HS

Security Measures During Virtual Classes

CMIT South MS/HS virtual classrooms have had our share of a few unwelcome participants impersonating our scholars to join some virtual classrooms. This experience is usually brief, unpleasant and disruptive to learning. To increase the level of security in our virtual classrooms, teacher will begin requiring authentication for anyone to join. This means that students will have to login using their email addresses. All scholars have been assigned an email address in this domain and they use the account daily.

Scholars will also be expected to show their faces as they join classes. This allows teachers to see who if joining their classes and actually be able to identify their students. In this virtual learning environment, knowing our scholars and being able to actually identify them has been a challenge. Scholars can turn their video off once teaching and recording begins if they so choose.

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Lara Adewoye, Principal

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