Founders of Youth Tutoring Initiative Honored at Catalyst Awards

Ashley Brown and Takaya McFarland, two CMIT South seniors recently started an online free tutoring service called Youth Tutor Initiative(YTI) that has been running for over six months. This tutoring program is offered to students in grades K-8, but all tutors are high school students. CMIT South high schoolers  may apply to tutor through this program. This tutoring program is free to all clients, but their tutors will receive student service hours for participation! We have an upcoming two-month tutoring session starting March 1st, and we urge all students to apply to become a tutor today! Being a part of this program allows students to work one-on-one with a young student that they can help academically and even personally.

YTI tutors have complete freedom over the days and times they tutor, and they communicate directly with parents. Their program will not only provide service hours to tutors, but the chance for them to become better communicators, learn how to manage their time, and even an opportunity to refresh on topics they learned in the past. Ashley and Takaya run this program and have put their heart and soul into it! As a matter of fact, they were recently awarded the 2021 Catalyst IGen Influencer award from the Jack and Jill of America PG County chapter for their work with YTI! As YTI is in the process of expanding and moving into our next session, we hope that you or your child decides to apply! This program is such a great opportunity and an amazing way to help the community.