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Why Choose CMIT Academy South MS/HS?

Chesapeake Math and IT Academy South Middle/High School offers a college preparatory program focused on mathematics, science, and technology. CMIT South MS/HS has evolved from a choice school to a strong partnership program with its parent and non-parent community members. The main philosophy of instruction is challenging all students to their maximum academic and social capacity by involving the parents in the learning and teaching process. One of the significant features of the CMIT community is the level of dedication from the staff and the parents. This provides very strong motivation for students to go above and beyond because of direct access to role models.


Chesapeake Math and IT Academy South MS/HS Tigers are fiercely academic, boldly competitive, and socially stand tall as the leaders of tomorrow. CMIT Academy South MS/HS earned a 4 STAR rating from the Maryland State Department of Education (2017-2019). Thanks to our advanced math and IT courses targeting 100% admission rate to the best US colleges, highly-qualified teachers with deep knowledge in their content areas, and extensive before & after school programs and free Saturday tutoring, we contribute to Secondary Education in Prince George’s County.

  • High Expectations – maintains high expectations for students, parents, teachers, and the community

  • Opportunities – provides opportunities for internships, projects, science fairs, and participation in competitions

  • Partnerships – with local colleges and universities

  • Individualized instruction – provides intense individualized instruction in science, math, and technology

  • Motivation and Engagement – Improved MSA and HSA scores via enhanced student motivation and engagement

  • Extracurriculars – provides after school program and extracurricular activities

  • Uniform Policy – Mandatory school uniform policy

  • Preventive Discipline Strategies – A safe and nurturing environment for all students with preventive discipline strategies

  • Technology Integration – Smart rooms with smart boards and interactive wireless student-response systems

  • Improved attendance and graduation rates – with parent partnership


Chesapeake Math and IT Academy South MS/HS Public Charter School (CMIT Academy South MS/HS), in partnership with students, parents, and the community, provides a rigorous and quality education for K-12 school students with a special focus on science, math, and technology.

By incorporating math and technology in the classroom and encouraging students to participate in an informational society, CMIT Academy South MS/HS students have the skills and experience to advance and excel in higher education and the workforce.

The vision of CMIT is to provide multiple opportunities for Prince George’s County youth to prepare for post secondary education in a variety of fields of study in order to pursue professional careers. CMIT will enable all students to achieve their maximum potential by equipping and empowering them with analytical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills.

With this vision in mind, CMIT Academy South MS/HS will prepare students to become competent, responsible and successful individuals in our globalized and technology-based society through a strong academic program, a school-family-community partnership, and a strong teacher-student relationship. CMIT Academy South MS/HS will inspire and challenge sixth through twelfth grade students in a creative and supportive learning environment with an academic program focusing on mathematics and information technologies to educate its students as responsible citizens.

Our educational approach aims to accomplish the following goals :

  • Recognize the talents of all students and work to create rigorous lessons that allow them to continuously succeed at higher levels of learning,
  • Provide intensive, individualized instruction in science, math, and technology with a focus on problem solving,
  • Engage students through one-on-one tutoring and peer study groups,
  • Prepare all students for college admittance with the requisite skills needed to excel once admitted, through rigorous coursework,
  • Promote after school programs and extracurricular activities, which foster well-roundedness,
  • Provide opportunities for internships, projects, science fairs and competitions,
  • Collaborate with local universities, agencies and businesses to enhance the school community.

It is our goal to use new and innovative educational practices with students that allow for academic success and advanced educational opportunities. Our students have a broad spectrum of options for their future endeavors and are prepared to be responsible and productive citizens of society. CMIT’s educational program sees each student as an important person in the school and is committed to the mission of establishing a partnership with parents and the community. It is our belief that all children have an inherent curiosity and love of learning, and all children can reach their highest potential.

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